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  Allows one person to safely catch, treat, and transport newborn calves  
Products: Calf Catcher CC1100

Calf Catcher CC1100

The Calf Catcher weighs approximately 350 lbs., measures 4 ft. by 6 ft., and has 8 inches of ground clearance. The spring loaded gates are opened by pulling a rope while seated on the ATV. There is a latch which holds the gates open and is released by stepping on it from the ATV. The latch is located near the ATV operator's right foot.

All the hardware, components, and assembly instructions to mount on a standard ATV are included. For larger "Cargo Type" ATVs such as the "Mule," "Ranger," and "Gator," an Extended Hitch Design is required. We have the Calf Catcher mounted on Honda Ranchers, Arctic Cats, Yamaha Kodiaks, Polaris Rangers, Gators, and a John Deer Buck to name a few. If you move newborn calves from yard to yard, we offer an optional Sling.

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